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WR3IRS is the club station license for the Interstate Repeater System, an affiliation of DMR repeater owners/operators. The WR3IRS repeaters are linked to each other, and to other repeaters worldwide, via one of two networks.  


In addition to our repeaters, we also operate the Interstate Network c-Bridge which hosts many of the WR3IRS-affiliated repeaters.   A number of legacy repeaters are on the K4USD c-Bridge, and those are being migrated to the Interstate c-Bridge. Additionally, we have a number of repeaters on the Brandmeister network.

For the sake of organization, WR3IRS repeaters are grouped into regional networks. Each repeater in a given regional network has the same connectivity and talkgroup plan as all other repeaters in the same network. The regional networks, and their parent network, are as follows:

c-Bridge Repeaters

    Delaware Valley c-Bridge Network




    Delaware Valley Brandmeister Network

    Northeastern/Central Pennsylvania

Use of the WR3IRS repeaters is open to all licensed amateurs. Unless otherwise stated, all repeaters use Color Code 1. Please adhere to the Talkgroup Usage Policies applicable to each network as detailed on this web site. If you are new to DMR, aside from owning a DMR radio, you will need to register for a DMR User ID and program it into your radio before attempting to access any amateur DMR repeaters.

Ports on the Interstate Network c-Bridge are available by invitation only.