If you asking yourself the age-old quesiton “how can we improve our signal?”, look to Broadcast Sciences for the answers. We have the resources and experience to perform in-depth analyses to determine what options you may have to increase or optimize the coverage of your station.

What if we moved to a different tower?
What if we built a taller tower where we are now?
Would replacing our antenna with a different type help?
Based on our target demographics, would we be better off at this site or that one?
Is our station really covering as well as it should?

These are the kinds of questions Broadcast Sciences can answer. Whether you need an initial consultation to ascertain what possibilities for improvement may exist, or if you already have a plan in mind and just need engineering expertise to see it through, call us, we can help.

In today’s highly competitive markets, every listener lost due to signal deficiencies directly affects the bottom line. Thanks in part to recent regulatory changes, stations now have more flexibility and opportunities to upgrade than ever before. If you are considering an upgrade or other modification, act quickly! Other stations, potentially even your competitors, may be investigating options for improving their signal, some of which may reduce or otherwise limit your options if they act first.

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