We Have Moved!

Only the building number has changed, from 1465 Horseshoe Trail to 1240 Horseshoe Trail.

Web Site Changes Coming

Our web site is currently Flash-based. We will soon be migrating to a non-flash version for better compatibility with mobile devices.

Client Portal Updated

The Client Portal gives our clients an easy way to interact with our engineers. Some of the features recently implemented include:

  • Trouble Tickets. We have switched to a new trouble ticket and task-management system. This provides a simplified, and unified, way of reporting engineering issues and requesting service. The back-end task management systems insures that nothing "falls through the cracks", as every trouble ticket submitted is assigned to an engineer, and prioritized based on the severity of the problem.

  • Broadcast Sciences Virtual Desktop (BSVD). Via BSVD, Broadcast Sciences engineers can access clients' computer-based systems remotely, and securely. This gives us the ability to fix many problems with automation systems, servers, production workstations, and even administrative computers without the added delays and expense of making a site visit.

Employment Opportunities

We currently have several engineering positions open. Please visit the Society of Broadcast Engineers chapter 18 web site for job descrptions: http://www.sbe18.org/jobs.htm

1240 Horseshoe Trail
Malvern, PA 19355

P: 1+ 610.917.3000
F: 1+ 610.917.3030
E: info@broadsci.com

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